Best Gifts Come With Coffee

April 29, 2019

Best Gifts Come With Coffee

The season of weddings, bridal showers, graduations, and mother's and father's day is upon us! It is exciting, right? Of course it is, we love to celebrate one another and it is fun to give gifts. At times we feel unsure of what to give someone I give them cash, flowers, something off their registry, something for their freshman year dorm room? Well, I doubt anyone will argue against money but if you find yourself wondering what to give them, give them something they can use everyday and share with others. One idea: coffee!

Consider the following:

  • Are they coffee drinkers or would be willing to give it a try?
  • Do they have a coffee grinder?
  • Do they have a coffee maker?

If you answered yes to all of the above then the answer is simple, give them some coffee! If you are wondering why we recommend a grinder, it’s because we sell our coffee whole bean. Grinding coffee right before use keeps it fresh.

This set of Minis (pictured above) is a go-to gift for me.

If they don’t have a coffee grinder or coffee maker then that’s a perfect give to give them, along with some Elysian Coffee Roasters coffee. For a bridal shower or wedding, check the registry first; if they have anything coffee related buy them that item along with 2-4 bags of coffee (or more if you’re so inclined, we won’t complain!) which tend to last a month or so for the average coffee drinker.

Happy gift hunting!

- Colleen Bettger