Our Roots

Elysian Valley, Los Angeles, California. Home to our roaster.

Elysian Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roaster located in Los Angeles, CA. Check out our story featured in the LA Eastsider!
Buying coffee from Elysian Coffee Roasters puts you on the forefront of the fight for global equality.
Born out of a desire to improve people's the lives through a robust business model of reinvestment in producers communities, Elysian Coffee Roasters supports coffee farmers by purchasing from cooperatives and farmers with transparent, responsible labor and farming practices. However, economic development is often hindered by more than a reliable market. The economic health of a community is closely tied to the physical health of its members. In particular, childhood health plays an important role in the economic success of a community
>Healthier children have better attention spans at school, miss less days at school due to poor health, and are less likely to have a chronic illness. A healthy childhood provides the foundation for creative and productive members of society. Therefore, Elysian Coffee Roasters supports nutritional efforts to combat malnutrition in coffee growing regions. You can check out our nutrition partner, Centro San Yves, in the department of Yoro, Honduras.
The Coffee
We roast only the finest high-grade arabica coffee beans with outstanding cupping scores. Our focus is on quality with a strong preference for small lot producers. Many of the coffees we offer are grown by families primarily growing food for themselves and using coffee as a main source of income. We are committed to building relationships with growers that will improve the quality of coffee. Ethical, fairly traded coffee is here. We've got you covered.


Shane Mulligan 


Shane Mulligan Elysian Coffee Roasters Founder

Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Shane lived, worked, and studied in several cities in the US, Latin America, and Tanzania. His work at a nutrition center for children in Yoro, Honduras, developed his interest and passion for economic equality. He received a master’s degree in international development with a specialization in agriculture from Georgetown University in 2017. Since then, Shane founded Elysian Coffee Roasters, partnering with the same nutrition center - San Yves - he worked at in Yoro, Honduras, as well as coffee farmers in the region.