Our Mission

Engage Farmers

We're taking a different approach. We focus on the economics of coffee and how it relates to subsistence living for many farmers. We're raising the standard of what it means to source ethically and trade fairly by integrating ethically sourced coffee and investing our resources in long term economic development programs in coffee producing regions.

Combat Malnutrition

We work to combat malnutrition and encourage sustainable economic development through nutrition programs for children and capacity training for farmers.

We are currently working with San Yves nutrition center in Yoro, Honduras.

Trace Our Sources

Our coffee is traceable, super fairly traded, and grown in safe organic environments. We work to ensure production practices surpass the best global standards and that farmers are paid fairly.

Our focus is on the safety and prosperity of the growers and the land on which they farm.

Social Impact

We join numerous organizations in Los Angeles to push the forefront of what it means to be a socially conscious business. Whether in high quality food and sustainable sourcing or like-minded socially conscious tech companies, we're all striving to make a difference.

We're excited to grow a community of thoughtful coffee drinkers!

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